Occupation: Realtor
Voice Part: Tenor
Member Since: Voices inception in 2008!
Travels to Voices From: Natick, MA

I sing because… it feels good, it’s fun, it’s free, it’s 100% my own, it requires no special equipment.   Just like meditation or exercise, it’s a way for me to raise my spirits, get excited, calm myself down, burn off stress, or just let out some emotions.

Prior to Voices, I sang… only in the car

I first heard about Voices…  online

I describe Voices to friends as a great group of fun and caring people from all walks of life who enjoy creating special music together.

My favorite Voices moment was… 
(selfish) – my very first solo, first season, Gospel music.  I was really, really scared.  I couldn’t think about anything other than messing up my lines, hitting the notes, starting on time.  About half way through, some of the audience were standing and singing with me, and at the end,  I noticed some people were crying.  And I realized for the first time that my singing was not just about what it was doing for me, it was about what it was doing for my audience.  It wasn’t just a past time for me, but also, if practiced and given my all, there was a possibility that my song could be my small gift to anyone else who it may touch at that moment.

Guilty Pleasure: Karen Carpenter? Curb picking? Vodka?