Occupation: Instructional Quality Manager
Voice Part: Soprano
Member Since: Spring 2013
Travels to Voices from: Waltham, MA

I sing because… I don’t have a choice. I’m always singing–I think I was BORN singing. 🙂

Prior to Voices, I sang… Everywhere! In the car, in the shower, in the kitchen, at work… But seriously. I started taking voice lessons at age 2, and I continued them through college. I was in school choirs and private choruses. I was also in an Alice in Chains and Nirvana cover band. Now I am in Voices and in a group that does operas once a year in Concord.

I first heard about Voices when…  Julie told me about this fun, crazy group of people while we were riding the T back from a mutual friend’s wedding. I was intrigued, so I looked up Voices on Facebook. The rest is history.

I describe Voices to friends as…  Inspiring, fun, creative, silly, surprising. A bunch of amazing people.

My favorite Voices moment was… 
Chauncey realizing that one note in a song from the season was the Wonder Woman note. That was pretty great. Best musical moment had to be singing “The Longest Time.” The harmonies were beautiful, and the song is fantastic. My first solo was pretty exciting, too!

Guilty pleasure: ABC Family shows