Occupation: Minister

Voices Part: Bass

Member Since: Fall 2010

Travels to Voices from: Sherborn, MA


I sing because… it makes me feel more alive…it connects me to the pulse of life…it brings me joy… I can’t imagine life without music
Prior to Voices, I sang… At church, in the car…music has always been a part of my work but more as an observer and consumer, not producer…until Voices!
I first heard about Voices when…  a former choir member talked me into going to my first rehearsal…he didn’t come back because of family commitments but I’ve been coming back for five years! I describe Voices to friends as…  joyful, community, connections, artistic, an activity for me, funny and fun, a truly good group of people

My favorite Voices moment was… 
hosting all of our parties!  I love having a house full of people laughing and singing and eating and being in community together…favorite concert moment was singing “California Dreaming”; harmony was practically transcendent!

Guilty pleasure:  Books…my house is buried under them!