Occupation: Biostatistician
Voice Part: Soprano
Member Since: Summer 2011
Travels to Voices from: Framingham, MA

I sing because… I’m happy. I sing because I’m free. Does this make anyone else thing of “His Eye is on The Sparrow” from Sister Act? No? Just me? I sing because it soothes my soul. It’s calming. And it makes me happy.

Prior to Voices, I sang…  Yes. This is true. I also sing during Voices. And I sing after.

I first heard about Voices when…  when I needed singing in my life back in 2011, and I picked through all the groups in the Greater Boston Coral Consortium. It was tedious, but worth it. This one seemed happy, joyful, and relaxed. 

I describe Voices to friends as…   Happy.

My favorite Voices moment is… when we all realize that we, as a collective group, have a favorite song, and we own it. Those are the best moments. Also, Doo-wop. I love Doo-Wop.
Guilty pleasure: Ice cream. Chocolate and Pistachio ice cream.