Occupation: Project Manager and Photographer
Voice Part: Soprano
Member Since: January 2015
Travels to Voices From: Worcester, MA

I sing because… it makes me feel happy and is a wonderful de-stresser. When I sing, I think about nothing else other than the sound I create! It’s kind of magical.

Prior to Voices, I sang… I was singing along with the choirs from my pew in church at a young age — and thoroughly enjoyed singing loudly around the house as a kid and in the car. When I got older, I sang in church choirs, chapel choirs, and school choirs all throughout high school and college. I’ve also performed in many musicals and love going to karaoke nights at local bars.

I first heard about Voices…  Online. After college I only sang at karaoke, and wanted something more grounded. I did a Google search and thought Voices sounded perfect for me. (I was right!)

I describe Voices to friends as…  a welcoming, inclusive, fun, and loving group. I walked into my first rehearsal and was greeted with claps, cheers, and hugs from veteran members. I always feel at home when I’m with them.

My favorite Voices moment was…
at my first summer BBQ with the group. It felt like a big family reunion! We hadn’t seen each other for about a month, and I had such a blast! I also love our Natick Farmer’s Market performances!

Guilty Pleasure… Nutella. Lots and lots of Nutella.