How do I become a member of Voices of MetroWest?
While we are a non-audition choir, we do have limited space available for new members each season. If you are interested in joining, fill out this form to be added to our waiting list; we will notify you when a space opens up.

Can I come to a rehearsal and try it out?
Absolutely! We always welcome visitors, but they will not be able to officially join the choir until there is space.

Where do rehearsals take place?
We rehearse in Natick, MA. If you are interested in checking out a rehearsal, please contact in advance to confirm the location!

Do I need to audition to sing with Voices of MetroWest?
There are no auditions to join. The choir is open to anyone who loves to sing!

What kind of music do you sing?
Every season, something different! Our repertoire includes a cappella, showtunes, rock, R&B, jazz, folk, pop, motown, and gospel.

What is the time commitment?
Each concert season will have separate registrations, allowing you to sing in one and/or many  concerts throughout the year. The Rehearsal Seasons will have regular Wednesday rehearsal sessions (7:00-8:45pm) and a few Saturday sessions (usually 10am-2pm), culminating with a concert weekend of two performances. Additionally, each vocal section will hold at least two optional supplemental rehearsals throughout the season.

How much are membership dues?
Dues for each season are $170, and are due by the third rehearsal. If you have any concerns about the financial commitment, please contact to learn about alternative ways to support the choir. You can pay via Venmo (@voicesofmetrowest), or send a check to:

Voices of MetroWest, Inc.
PO Box 2013
Framingham, MA 01703

Do I need to read music?
No, reading music is not a pre-requisite for singing with us. We encourage you to use a voice memo app to record your part at rehearsals so that you can practice during the week. All music must be memorized.

What part will I sing?
Voices of MetroWest sings in 4 sections: soprano, alto, tenor and bass. During the first rehearsal, we will organize singers into one of the choral sections.

What is the minimum age limit?
The minimum age to sing in Voices of MetroWest is 18.

What if I am sick, out of town, or uncomfortable rehearsing in-person for a period of time?
If a member cannot make an in-person rehearsal due to illness, travel, etc., but would like to attend virtually, Voices rehearsals are accessible via Zoom each week.

What happens if I miss a rehearsal?
We understand that you may have to miss a rehearsal from time to time; however, missing several rehearsals may negatively affect a performance. The expectation is that members who miss rehearsal will take time to catch up with material on their own.

Are your venues handicap accessible?
Our rehearsal space and concert venues are handicap accessible.

How do I advertise in the Voices of MetroWest concert program?

Please contact

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